Dr. Husrieh

Dr. Husrieh is a General Dentist at Popp Dentistry in Aylmer. 

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Dr. Husrieh, Aylmer Dentist

Dr. Husrieh's professional philosophy is to approach and care for his clients in a personalized way. With extensive training and seasoned real-world experience in the field, his ambition is to equip his patients with valuable dental knowledge and tool, empowering them to smile with elegance. He also aims to serve with optimal methods, welcoming the newest innovations and modern techniques to his practice.

Dr. Husrieh has engaged in the dentistry field since 1995, granting him over 29 years of professional experience and counting! He earned his bachelor’s in dental Degree from the prestigious University of Damascus in 1995, and went on to diligently hone his skills in Germany with a postgraduate oral surgery program at Erlangen University.

Fast forward to today, and Dr. Husrieh is a devoted licensed dentist in Canada without abstaining from his continuous education, seminars, and research. He's also a proud member of the Ontario Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association, and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

When he's not practicing dentistry, you can find Dr. Husrieh with his family, enjoying his favorite pastimes like reading, listening to classical music, and exploring the world.

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